I'm a London-based South African-French-Argentinean mum to 3 kids. I combine my take on travel, fashion, events & must-haves, with moments that are real and current to me in my life.  Brands that I collaborate with are often handpicked in order to make my reporting relevant and ‘plush’. I like to think of Plush Popcorn as a strong micro-influencer / Lifestyle Reporter that people enjoy following for inspiration - from shopping to travel. Combining motherhood with a dose of ‘glamourhood’.

Formally known as "Paris Popcorn", I have been an influencer, copywriter and creative director since 2008 working mostly from Paris and London consulting various brands and start-ups on their creative director of digital content to the creation of enticing reportage of select events to copy-writing. Every image and word is carefully curated resulting in what I aim for "a spellbound digital story-telling".


Since launching in 2008, I have worked with a wide clientele of global brands including Bulgari, L’Oreal, Veuve Clicquot, and Vitamin Water. I am also the face of the Paris-based tea company Nous Tea , an organic tea company that connects with nature and that supports the broader human communities in need around the world..

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